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Solar Battery Storage for Grid Connect System (6 Day - NECA)

This 6 day Battery Storage for Grid Connect course (by NECA) provides training for electricians to gain the required skills to install Grid Connected PV battery storage systems. Successful completion of the course meets the Clean Energy Council (CEC) UEE11 Accreditation pathway (UEERE4001) and will entitle licensed electricians to apply for the battery install storage endorsement to be attached to their Design and or Install of Grid Connected PV Systems. (

CEC Professional Development points are available for the Battery Storage course = 60 pts. The Course is delivered through face to face practical/theory workshops as well as an online theory component. Competency is granted when all components of the course have been completed satisfactorily and your current competency in the area are recognised. A Grade License and Industry Experience and existing CEC Grid Connected Solar Accreditation.

  • Presenter:

    Allen Burrows - NECA

  • Time:

    Course runs over 6 days
    8am – 4pm

  • Venue:

    NECA Training Centre Carlton
    1024 Lygon St, Carlton North, VIC 3054

  • Training dates:

    Fri, 9th September 2022
    Sat, 10th September 2022
    Sun, 11th September 2022
    Fri, 16th September 2022
    Sat, 17th September 2022
    Sun, 18th September 2022

    Fri, 7th October 2022
    Sat, 8th October 2022
    Sun, 9th October 2022
    Fri 14/10/2022
    Sat, 15th October 2022
    Sun, 16th October 2022

    Fri, 4th November 2022
    Sat, 5th November 2022
    Sun, 6th November 2022
    Fri, 11th November 2022
    Sat, 12th November 2022
    Sun, 13th November 2022

    Fri, 2nd December 2022
    Sat, 3rd December 2022
    Sun, 4th December 2022
    Fri, 9th December 2022
    Sat, 10th December 2022
    Sun, 11th December 2022

Course Details:

At the end of the course you will have attained the following units of competence:

  • UEERE4001 – Install, Maintain and Fault Find Battery Storage Systems for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems
  • UEERE5001 – Design Battery Storage Systems for Grid Connected Photovoltaic Systems

Which contains:

  • How to plan the design of battery storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic systems
  • How to design & document battery storage systems for grid-connected photovoltaic systems
  • Steps required to plan for the installation, maintenance or fault finding of battery storage systems for grid-connected PV systems
  • How to actually do an installation
  • How to document the installation, maintenance or fault finding of battery storage systems for grid-connected PV systems

*Successful completion of the units UEERE4001 and UEERE5001 is not classified as an additional accreditation by the Clean Energy Council: it will be an endorsement applied to the applicant’s existing Accreditation (i.e. Design and installation of grid-connected PV systems Accreditation).

For more information on gaining your endorsement, check out Clean Energy Council

Pre-requisite for the Battery Storage is an A Grade Electrician plus the 3 units completed in Grid Connect. You must complete Grid Connect before Battery Storage: UEENEEK135A, UEENEEK148A, UEENEEK125A.

Selection Criteria

You must have permanent residency in Victoria and be one of the following:

  • An Australian citizen (including dual citizens), or
  • A New Zealand citizen (including dual citizens), or
  • An Australian permanent resident, or
  • A holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa.

NECA Education & Careers reserves the right to refuse entry to a course if you do not meet the selection criteria.

Course Cost:

$1,852.50 - based on a class size of 12

Middy's will register your interest for this course with our Partner trainer as a preliminary registration. The Partner trainer will then contact you directly to complete your registration and organise payment.

Disclaimer: Course delivery is subject to COVID-19 health restrictions. If course is unable to be delivered live, online Webinar may be available. We will do our best to update registrants as the ongoing situation evolves.
Courses are run subject to availability and enrolment numbers. Course dates may change subject to participant availability and ensuring minimum class sizes are filled. Courses non-refundable, alternate course dates will be provided if required.