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Solar Grid Connect (5 Day - NECA)

The Grid Connect is a 5 day course (by NECA) consisting of both theory and practical components. Successful completion of this course will allow application to the Clean Energy Council for a provisional Grid Connected Solar PV installers accreditation. Days 1 and 2 consist of Theory with a few small practicals to break up the theory and test application. Days 3, 4 and 5 consist mainly of practical exercises with a small amount of theory to reinforce the practical exercises.

This course provides training for electricians to gain the required skills to install Grid Connected PV Solar systems. Successful completion of the course meets the Clean Energy Council (CEC) UEE11 Accreditation pathway (UEERE4001) and will entitle licensed electricians to apply for the C.E.C; Install of Grid Connected PV Systems ( accredtitation. The course is delivered through face to face practical and theory workshops. Competency is granted when all components of the course have been completed satisfactorily.

  • Presenter:

    John Higginbotham - NECA

  • Time:

    8am - 4pm. Morning tea and lunch provided

  • Venue:

    NECA Training Centre Carlton
    1024 Lygon St, Carlton North, VIC 3054

  • Training dates:

    Course runs over 5 days

    Sat, 13th February 2021
    Sun, 14th February 2021
    Sat, 20th February 2021
    Sun, 21st February 2021
    Mon, 22nd February 2021

    Sat, 13th March 2021
    Sun, 14th March 2021
    Sat, 20th March 2021
    Sun, 21st March 2021
    Mon, 22nd March 2021

    Sat, 10th April 2021
    Sun, 11th April 2021
    Sat, 17th April 2021
    Sun, 18th April 2021
    Mon, 19th April 2021

    Sat, 15th May 2021
    Sun, 16th May 2021
    Sat, 22nd May 2021
    Sun, 23rd May 2021
    Mon, 24th May 2021

    Sat, 29th May 2021
    Sun, 30th May 2021
    Sat, 5th June 2021
    Sun, 6th June 2021
    Mon, 7th June 2021

Course Details:

This course runs over five days and will provide you with the necessary qualifications to apply for accreditation from the Clean Energy Council for the Grid Connect PV Systems accreditation.

This course includes the following unit competencies:

  • UEENEEK125A – Solve basic problems in photovoltaic energy apparatus and systems
  • UEENEEK135A – Design photovoltaic grid connected power supply systems
  • UEENEEK148A – Install, configure and commission photovoltaic grid connected power systems

Which covers design briefs, incorporating schemes for protection of persons and property from dangers of system malfunction, ensuring other safety and performance standards and functional requirements are met and documenting design calculations and criteria. The skills and knowledge required to complete the installation, adjustment and set-up of photovoltaic (PV) power systems and connecting to a supply grid inverter. It encompasses working safely and to installation standards, matching components with that specified for a given location, placing and securing system components accurately, making required circuit connections and completing the necessary installation documentation. And then provide them with the ability to find solutions to predictable problems in photovoltaic energy apparatus and systems operated at extra low voltage and low voltage.

For more information on how to apply for your accreditation and costs associated
check out Clean Energy Council


Electrician’s Licence
Electrician (supervised) Worker’s Licence
Statement of Attainment which includes the following units:

  • UEENEEE104A – Solve problems in d.c. circuits
  • UEENEEE137A – Document and apply measures to control OHS risks associated with electrotechnology work
  • UEENEEG103A – Install low voltage wiring and accessories

and one of the following

  • UEENEEG106A – Terminate cables, cords and accessories for low voltage circuits OR
  • UEENEEE108A – Lay wiring/cabling and terminate accessories for extra-low voltage (ELV) circuits

Selection Criteria

You must have permanent residency in Victoria and be one of the following:

  • An Australian citizen (including dual citizens), or
  • A New Zealand citizen (including dual citizens), or
  • An Australian permanent resident, or
  • A holder of an Australian permanent humanitarian visa.

NECA Education & Careers reserves the right to refuse entry to a course if you do not meet the selection criteria.

Course Cost:

$1,330 - based on class size of 12

Middy's will register your interest for this course with our Partner trainer as a preliminary registration. The Partner trainer will then contact you directly to complete your registration and organise payment.

Disclaimer: Course delivery is subject to COVID-19 health restrictions. If course is unable to be delivered live, online Webinar may be available. We will do our best to update registrants as the ongoing situation evolves.
Courses are run subject to availability and enrolment numbers. Course dates may change subject to participant availability and ensuring minimum class sizes are filled. Courses non-refundable, alternate course dates will be provided if required.