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Power Factor Correction (PFC)

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Middy’s TechEnergy offer PFC (Power Factor Correction) opportunities for sites with large quantities of inductive loads such as air conditioners and motors.

Middy’s TechEnergy Power Factor Correction solutions are ideal for SME (Small Medium Enterprise) and also large commercial and industrial sites where multiple machines typically draw large amounts of power at peak periods. With the recent introduction of peak demand charges in some states this is a cost effective option to reduce power bills.

Power Factor Correction Explained

The easiest way to explain Power Factor Correction is what we call the “beer analogy”.

A large beer is ordered to quench your thirst. That beer has some froth on the top that does nothing to quench that individual’s thirst, but you still have to pay for it as part of the glass of beer – the froth is the kVAr or reactive power. The actual beer which quenches your thirst –represents the kW or real power. The total contents of the glass – beer and froth – represents kVA or apparent power.

The glass must be full of beer with no froth for the person to gain full and cost effective benefit from the glass of beer. It is the same for maximum efficiency of your power usage. We want to maximise the useful kW which is the power that does the real work, and reduce your kVAr. Power Factor Correction is the solution used to minimise these inefficiencies. Power factor is about the relationship between Reactive Power (kVAR), Real Power (kW) and Apparent Power (kVA). Power Factor = kW/kVA.

PFC Proposal Process:

The often misunderstood PFC process is made simple. A preliminary Middy's 'Energy Trust' proposal will be produced and supplied to you by simply following the below steps.

1. Download the LOA (Letter Of Authority) and complete

2. Submit the below PFC Form together with 3 of your most recent power bills & the completed LOA

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