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Energy Efficiency

Renewable energy solutions are becoming more widespread and the sector is experiencing rapid uptake.

Solar & Battery Storage

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Solar energy and battery storage solutions are hugely popular and the sector is still experiencing rapid uptake.

Middy’s TechEnergy can assist with total solar project requirements including system design and battery storage. Middy's make the often misunderstood solar process simple by helping you with the process (see below).

  • Solar Proposal Process
  • System Design
  • Commercial, Industrial & Residential
  • Verdia Finance Options

Solar Proposal Process:

The often misunderstood solar process is made simple. A preliminary Middy's 'Energy Trust' solar proposal will be produced and supplied to you simply by filling in and submitting the below documentation.

1. Download the LOA (Letter Of Authority) and complete

2. Submit the below Solar Form together with 3 of your most recent power bills & the completed LOA

Solar Project Form

Contact Details:

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Project Details:

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