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View case studies and watch our videos to see how Middy's TechEnergy can assist you and your customers achieve greater efficiencies and utilise new emerging technologies.

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Best's Great Western Solar Install Case Study

Since 1868, Best’s has been making wines uninterrupted, striving to craft expressive, authentic regional wines in Victoria’s Great Western region. Best’s has been owned by two families since 1866 – the Best family, who founded the winery; and today, the Thomson family, having purchased the property in 1920. Best’s is now run by Ben Thomson, the fifth generation of the Thomson family to manage the winery.

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Fernlea Park Farm Solar Install Case Study

Eddie Kenna is a South West Victorian dairy farmer and owner of Fernlea Park Farm at The Sisters. For many years Mr Kenna has looked for opportunities to attain a competitive advantage in the market as well as opportunities to reduce operational cost.

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Membrey Farm Solar Power Install Case Study

The Middy’s TechEnergy Team delivered a Solar Energy Install at the Membrey Dairy Farm in Warrnambool. The install supports a commitment to reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions and creates a sustainable financial model to mitigate rising power costs.

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Environexus Wodonga Sale Yard Case Study

The Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange is the largest livestock exchange in Victoria for its throughput of cattle and one of the largest in Australia. NVLX conducts Prime, Store, Cow, Bull and Special Cattle sales as well as sheep and horse sales and has a ten year throughput average in excess of 205,000. NVLX approached their electrical contractor Muntz Electrical, with the need for a simple lighting automation system.

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Clyde Park Vineyard Solar System & LED Install

Middy’s TechEnergy conducted an energy audit on behalf of a local contractor at Clyde Park Vineyard, a fine wine maker located 30 kilometres north of Geelong. The contractor presented the energy audit to the Owners who subsequently approved installation of a solar system and LED lighting fit out. The 20 kilowatt integrated solar panel system entails 80 solar panels that will dramatically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced and make Clyde Park more carbon friendly and sustainable.

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