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Best's Great Western Solar Install Case Study

Since 1868, Best’s has been making wines uninterrupted, striving to craft expressive, authentic regional wines in Victoria’s Great Western region. Best’s has been owned by two families since 1866 – the Best family, who founded the winery; and today, the Thomson family, having purchased the property in 1920. Best’s is now run by Ben Thomson, the fifth generation of the Thomson family to manage the winery.

The invaluable Best’s Nursery Block contains almost 40 wine varieties (some unidentified to this day) and boasts a historic collection of Australia’s oldest and most significant vineyards. The Thomson Family Shiraz was elevated to the highest and rarest Langton’s Classification of “Exceptional” in the 2018 Classification VII. It is the only Victorian Shiraz in this category. Their Bin 0 Shiraz was also elevated to ‘Outstanding’ in the 2018 Classification VII.

Ben was approached by Middy’s TechEnergy who put forward an Energy Solutions proposal that would reduce irrigation costs associated with electricity as well as help them reduce their carbon footprint. The plan included the installation of a 99kW Solar Power System which is expected to save over $18,000 annually, reduce their 1st energy consumption by 48% and a carbon reduction of 149 tons annually.

Best's Great Western Solar Install Case Study